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Symphonic Programs


Are you looking for the perfect "pops" concert with silent films and culturally important American popular music? Look no further! Mr. Greene offers a myriad of pops concert and film programs bringing together your musicians and PRSO's scores.

Masters of Silent Comedy

This dynamic program brings together three silent comedy short films with live orchestral accompaniment. Between the films will feature selections of American popular music and light classical pieces. 


Films Offered:

Charlie Chaplin: The Vagabond (1916), One A.M. (1916), Behind The Screen (1916), The Rink (1916), Easy Street (1917), The Adventurer (1917)


Buster Keaton: One Week (1920), The Haunted House (1921), The  The Frozen North (1921), The Boat (1921), Cops (1922), The Blacksmith (1922)


Harold Lloyd: Get Out And Get Under (1920), Never Weaken (1921)


Laurel & Hardy: Habeas Corpus (1928), Big Business (1929)


Total program duration: Two hours with 15 minute intermission.

The Mark of Zorro (1920)

Bring to life one of the best silent films with the original musical score as compiled by James C. Bradford! With "Justice For All", this action-adventure film brings to life the story of Zorro, with his thrilling stunts, romance, and just a bit of comedy. Featuring  Margaruite de la Motte, Snitz Edwards, Noah Beery Sr., Tote du Crow, and Douglas Fairbanks.


Total Program Duration: Two hours, no intermission.

The Comedy Classics of Harold Lloyd
Buster Keaton's The General (1926)

Presented in partnership with the estate of silent comedian Harold Lloyd, these programs bring together one of Harold Lloyd's feature comedies with a classic comedy short! From the thrilling adventures of Safety Last, to the antics of Get Out And Get Under, these programs are a wonderful way to celebrate the genius of Harold Lloyd and are a treat for audiences everywhere.


Films Offered:

Shorts: Get Out And Get Under (1920), Never Weaken (1921)


Features: Safety Last (1923), The Freshman (1925), The Kid Brother (1927)


Total Program duration: Two hours with 15 minute intermission.

One of the best comedies ever created, this program brings together the hilarious comedy of Buster Keaton with the original musical score as compiled by James C. Bradford. The film re-tells the story of the Great Locomotive Chase from the American Civil War, with Buster Keaton playing Johnny Gray, saving both his locomotive - and his girlfriend from rebel spies!


The film can be combined with a concert program featuring American popular music favorites, or with another Buster Keaton comedy.


Total program duration: Two hours with 15 minute intermssion

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