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Recent Reviews

"The premier American ragtime ensemble.”

– The Washington Post, 2014

“Tremendous feeling for the music in these performances... the PRSO has the real sound of the period down pat. Sparkling Musicianship"

– Fanfare, 2018

"The work you are doing in compiling performable scores for silent films is really incredible. I know how much time goes in to creating the scores in parts as you have done (I’ve done something similar myself) and I want you to know how much it’s appreciated. Every selection was perfect for the scene that it accompanied, and the time you spent coming up with the selections really showed."

- Matthew Jaroszewicz, Assistant Conductor, Canton Symphony Orchestra, 2019

“The show was truly fantastic! Adored by young and old, and the perfect treat to re-open the Levoy Theatre. We are very proud of the entire event and thank you for playing such an integral part in its success!”

– Lauren Van Embden, Chairwoman, Levoy Theatre Preservation Society, 2012


“What Mr. Greene and company prove above all else is that ragtime, like the classical music that preceded it, and the jazz age which would soon follow, is best heard live.”

– The Diamondback, University of Maryland Newspaper, 2011


“We need more people like Andrew [Greene] who have an appreciation for where we've been and where we're going.”

– The Baltimore Sun, 2011

“The Peacherine Orchestra preserves a unique cultural experience.”

– The Severna Park Voice, 2014

“Andrew Greene's Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra was amazing. Although I'd never seen a movie accompanied by an 11-piece ensemble, I'm not sure why I would ever see another movie without the same treatment... the richness of sound from the orchestra was unbeatable. It was truly amazing and an experience I'll not soon forget.”

– Culpeper Star Exponent, 2015

“They are, quite simply, one of the finest ragtime orchestras in the world.”

– Bryan Wright, Rivermont Records, 2018

“...Plenty of variety, played in a sparkling fashion which positively exudes good spirits...evocative of the sound that once would have been heard emanating from a park bandstand on a balmy summer’s afternoon.”

– Barry McCanna, Sounds of Yesteryear, 2018

“The finest group of its kind... impeccably performed.”

– The Syncopated Times, 2018

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