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Jazzin’ The Blues Away: Music from the Johnny Maddox Collection

In the winter of 2018, 13 cardboard boxes of American popular music, collected by the late ragtime pianist Johnny Maddox (1927-2018) were carefully shipped to the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra for performance and preservation. On this, the Peacherine’s fourth album, we perform music from the collection, featuring stunning musical selections by Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, John Philip Sousa, and lesser-known composers of the early 1900s. Featuring guest pianist Adam Swanson, vocalist William Edwards, and two never-before released duets featuring Johnny Maddox and Adam Swanson, this CD is sure to delight listeners and to celebrate the joy that is found in America’s first popular music style: RAGTIME!

Track Listing:
1) Listen To That Dixie Band: One Step March (1915) by George L. Cobb
2) Car-Barlick-Acid (1901) by Clarence Wiley
3) Swanee Ripples: A Rag (1912) by Walter E. Blaufuss
4) Buzzin’ The Bee (1916) by Jack Wells and Pete Wendling
5) Everybody Rag With Me (1914) by Gus Kahn and Grace Leboy
6) Frog Legs Rag (1906) by James Scott
7) Mr. Trombonology: Characteristic Trombone Smear (1917) by Nathaniel C. Davis
8) Buenos Ayres: Argentine Tango (1913) by Arthur N. Green
9) Bouclaire Waltzes (1904) by Joe Jordan
10) Crazy Bone Rag (1913) by Charles L. Johnson
11) The Aba Daba Honeymoon (1914) by Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan
12) The St. Louis Blues (1914) by W.C. Handy
13) Pine Apple Rag (1908) by Scott Joplin
14) Meadowlark Rag (1916) by Thomas Pitts
15) Jazzin’ The Blues Away (1918) by Dick Heinrich
16) The Stars and Stripes Forever (1897) by John Philip Sousa
17) Take Your Girlie To The Movies (1919) by Pete Wendling, Edgar Leslie & Bert Kalmar
18) You And I (1916) by Vincenzo de Crescenzo
19) Swanee (1918) by George Gershwin
20) Aufderheide’s Melodic Ideas: Medley Overture No. 1 (1912) arr. Chas. Miller
Featuring Dusty Rag (May Aufderheide), Drifting in Dreams With You (May Aufderheide), That Lovin’ Dippy Glide (Bobby Jones), I’ll Pledge My Heart To You (May Aufderheide), That Ever Lovin’ Bear Cat Dance (Paul Pratt), Moontime is Spoontime (Paul Pratt), For You I Sign (Bobby Jones), A Totally Different Rag (May Aufderheide), In Bamboo Land (May Aufderheide), I Love You Dearie (Bobby Jones & N.S. Carter), and I Want A Patriotic Girl (May Aufderheide)
21) In My Harem (1913) by Irving Berlin
22) Corsica / At The Ball, That’s All by Joe Jordan (1909) and J. Leubrie Hill (1913)

Total time: 75:48

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